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10GbE XAUI Capture and Playback

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Baykal Technology, Inc., provides 10GbE Ethernet Layer 1,2,3 real-time packet process, inspection, switch and test products to OEMs and Vertical 10GbE Security Markets.

Baykal supplies complete 10GbE solution including base Hardware, FPGA Firmware, Software and Integration Support.

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Baykal's Latest Product, Quantum Leap QL4A, can be configured as one of the following devices:


Quantum Leap QL4A: 10 GbE Four Port Packet Processor

Above is the latest product, Quantum Leap Four Port 10GbE Ethernet layer 1,2,3 real-time packet inspection and switch system. 4 Port 10GbE fiber switch has the fastest response time with solid performance. This base platform comes with full Hardware/Firmware/Software support to take your idea into market fast. Contact us for custom 10GbE, 40GbE or 100GbE real-time switch, inspection or storage solutions, we have the HW and the SW to get you there fast.