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10GbE XAUI Capture and Playback

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XAUI Capture and Playback Board
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Proven performance and built with latest technology.

XAUI (Extended Auxilary Unit Interface) real-time Capture/Playback, with on board 4Giga Byte memory and High Speed USB 2.0 interface, to host computer for data retrieval and upload. Integrated Host PC Application to interface with XAUI Board through Hi-Speed USB Cable. Point-to-point baseband data transmission over 50 ohm controlled-impedance media. Selectable instant Tx Test Pattern generation and corresponding expected Rx data integrity check in real-time. BERT testing over long term operation. Rogers 4003 material and board-side mount SMA connectors for the best signal integrity results.

Block diagram: XAUI Capture/Playback board


Easy to use Windows Application through Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable

Pattern Generation: Easy to use, just click and enter any pattern and control character combinations. Also byte, word or dword auto increment pattern by just click of a check mark. Transmission pattern generation can be saved and retrieved for future usage.

Capture and Store to a file: Initiate capture with a click of a button. Incoming real-time  data will be captured into memory. Capture size can be entered in terms of pages in the DIMM memory. Total page count for 4Giga byte memory is 132,172. This gives approximately 3.25 seconds of real-time data to be stored. After the capture button is activated, stored information can be saved to a text file with the save button. File size  is proportional to the requested capture page size.

XAUI Capture and Playback board Windows Application

Transmit Stored Information:
Locate file on the computer and upload file into memory
with just a click of a button. Then initiate the Transmit. Number of pages to transmit is indicated in transmit Size entry section. After upload of data, a larger transmit size can be selected for repeated sweep of memory contents.
Browse Memory Contents: After file upload to memory or capture of incoming data, contents of on board 4 Giga Byte memory can be browsed and quickly studied. Also auto capture
mode can be initiated by click of a button allowing real-time display of captured data in memory.